The RG Degree: Connecting to College Students With Wealth

My goal for the summer (besides finishing the first season of Orange is the New Black) is to connect college students to Resource Generation. And here’s why.

Students engage in cross-class conversations

First of all, college campuses are teeming with rich kids. 70% of students at the top 80 schools come from the wealthiest quarter of U.S. families. Campuses are also important sites of progressive and radical activism, where young people become politicized and develop lasting connections to social justice movements. And while not all college students are 18 to 22-years-old, the majority are. Developing leaders within this age range would strengthen the sustainability of RG, allowing young people to build a relationship with our organization that could last more than a decade. And consider the energy and idealism that the youngest young people with wealth could contribute to RG’s vision for economic, racial, and social justice!

In the spirit of sharing stories, let me tell you about my experience organizing my classmates and friends with wealth on my campus. (more…)