How is Resource Generation funded?

Resource Generation is funded primarily by members, most of whom are young people with access to wealth. We also receive program fees (like registration fees for our annual conferences), publication revenue (through book sales), and some foundation support.

Why does RG focus on young people ages 18-35?

Young people have always played an important role in US social movements. By organizing young people with wealth and class privilege, we’re not only impacting the movements we’re part of today, we’re also building leadership for tomorrow. None of us will live to see the end of oppression, but we have our whole lives to build on the foundation we’ve been provided and give to those who follow.

Young people with wealth and class privilege are often faced with new responsibilities, rights, and access that they must navigate. Many (especially those socialized as women) are talked down to about finances rather than encouraged to develop financial literacy, and many folks are overwhelmed and shut down by the dynamics that operate, institutionalize, and sustain wealth. We help people access information not only to navigate these issues, but to ultimately build social movements.

How do you define “wealthy”?

Wealth is self-defined by people who participate in our programs. The amount of wealth people have access to, or expect to have access to in the future, varies greatly. Wealth comes from many sources including inheritances and earnings. Some people who are involved have access to philanthropic resources (as board members of family foundations for example), but do not have access to personal wealth. Generally, everyone involved feels that they have or will have access to more resources than they need. For a more numerical guideline of wealth, U.S. households at the 95th percentile have incomes around $148,000 and net wealth, including home equity, above $1.3 million.

Here’s more info about wealth distribution in the United States. 

For an infographic about income inequality in the United States and abroad, click here.

How do you define “young”?

Resource Generation members are between the ages of 18 and 35, though participants in our family philanthropy program can be up to 40.

Is Resource Generation a national organization?

Yes! The majority of Resource Generation’s staff is based in New York City and the Bay Area. We have countless member-leaders, volunteers, organizational partners and skilled facilitators who help carry out our programs nationwide.

We currently have local chapters in the Bay Area; Stanford University; Los Angeles; Seattle; Minneapolis/St. Paul; Chicago; Denver/Boulder; Philadelphia; Durham/Raleigh; Washington D.C.; New York City; Western MA; Burlington area/VT; Atlanta; and Boston. We have emerging chapters in Portland, OR and New Orleans.

I am in a cross-class relationship with a young person with wealth.  Is RG for me too?

Absolutely!  We welcome partners of young people with wealth from poor-, working- and middle-class backgrounds at all RG programs and events.  While our specific programming for partners is new, it is steadily growing with an email list, resources for cross-class relationships, a partner praxis group in New York, and awesome small groups (“pods”) at all of our retreats.  Please contact Kirin for more information about partners at RG!

What does “confidential” or “non-solicitation” space mean?

RG plays a unique role in engaging young people with wealth committed to social change.  Confidentiality and non-solicitation have proven critical in supporting people as they begin to explore their relationship to money, class and privilege. This means:

  • Attendance at an RG event is confidential
  • There is no fundraising or solicitation between members or anyone else at RG events, except in clearly defined, opt-in “solicitation spaces”
  • Resource Generation does not share its mailing list.
  • Resource Generation as an entity is always an exception to the solicitation policy. In RG spaces, RG will solicit dues-paying membership in order to build our base and movement. If you have questions, please contact our Director of Development, Colette Henderson

RG strives to create a community of people that are open about their wealth with people in their lives, use their position of privilege to speak out for societal change and bring their whole selves to all the work they are involved in.

A new draft and more detailed explanation of our non-solicitation policy is here.

Does Resource Generation give grants?

Resource Generation is not a foundation and does not give grants or connect donors to organizations.  We focus on education and skill-building for young people with wealth, who are then better prepared to offer their skills to social change work.

I am fundraising for an organization—how can Resource Generation help me?

Due to our limited staff capacity, we are unable to meet one-on-one with organizations or individuals looking for funding or fundraising advice. Click here for a list of fundraising resources.

I want to get involved, but I’m not wealthy…

Our programming is primarily geared towards young people with wealth. The RG community, however, includes people from all class backgrounds who are involved as trainers, partners, board members and members. We are currently expanding our membership program, which is open to all people regardless of class background. Please email our Director of Development Colette Henderson to learn more about membership opportunities.