Reflecting on New Ways to Connect

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by Lori Choi, Partner & Wealth Manager at Veris Wealth

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Transforming Family Philanthropy Retreat with an … Continue reading »

Why I’m Going to Transforming Family Philanthropy 2016

by Monica

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I joined Resource Generation in 2015, the year I became more involved with my family’s foundation. I have to admit, … Continue reading »

Five reasons to attend Transforming Family Philanthropy

TFP 2015

I discovered RG three years ago after a frantic online search for information following a frustrating phone call with my mother. During the call, I was informed that, upon turning 21, I would be named as a trustee of a private family foundation. Without going into too much detail, the thought of engaging with four family members with varying degrees of interest in the process and only a few intersecting values felt challenging to say the least.


Reflections on the 2012 Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy Retreat

This last May 4th-6th, we hosted and coordinated our 6th Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy Retreat (CCTFP). It is specifically for young(ish) people, 18-40, who are involved, or want to be involved, in their families’ philanthropy and care about justice and equity. Some participants attend because they participate in generations old family foundations, some attend because they earned money and want to start giving with their family. In total, 40 young people involved in family philanthropy attended from across the US and Canada. This year racial justice was a central lens through which we invited participants to engage with the retreat. CCTFP started with parallel race caucuses – for people of color participants and planners, and for white leadership at RG. This caucus time and the on-going discussions about race, racism and racial justice throughout the weekend, were invaluable at helping us explore the connection between economic and racial justice.

Below you will find the voices of 4 different participants sharing some brief reflections on their experiences. We are hopeful this gives you a taste of the experience, what it meant and what folks are taking with them. (more…)

Two months+ (!?!) after CTTFP

After some necessary prodding from the delightfully persistent Mike G, I am finally posting some reactions I had to Creating Change through Family Philanthropy.  This is partly me calling myself out — one step towards being accountable to myself and others.  But I digress.  That’s not the place to start…

What's your 20/20 vision?

Creating Change through Family Philanthropy was my first formal exposure to RG, and it was a huge eye-opener.  I knew that I would learn, and expected to be challenged in some ways.  What I did not foresee was the sense of empowerment that I would walk away with.

The retreat was structured around creating a ten year vision, but of course the first step to long-term planning is to see the present with clarity and perception.

What I saw when I looked outwards — at those leading discussions, organizing the retreat, participating in the discussions — was energy, commitment, and passion.  This enthusiasm was infectious, enhanced by an atmosphere of openness and trust.  This energy was tempered – and strengthened – by the experiences that others shared of embracing their own humility, facing and overcoming a variety of challenges.  The personal stories, and the sense of resolve that accompanied these, was a source of true inspiration.

But as with any opportunity for serious reflection on personal values, the retreat was perhaps most revealing in terms of what I saw when I looked inwards, reflecting on my own attitudes and actions.  What did I see? (more…)

First Time at CCTFP

Reflections from Lillian Birchall, RG Member

Attending the Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy Retreat changed my life. I was nervous before attending the retreat, but from the moment I walked in, I felt as though I could finally share a … Continue reading »

Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy: Personal Reflections

In the days following RG’s creating change through family philanthropy retreat last month, I took some time to reflect and record  my thoughts. here is a taste!

– Jessie Spector, RG Staff and Member
From my blog

family philanthropy retreat: some reflections

recently resource generation hosted the 4th Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy retreat, a 40 person conference for young people who are involved in their families’ philanthropy or who want to be. i was truly moved by the weekend. it was pretty darn incredible. and i was equally as challenged by the question: how does philanthropy exist in a framework that is working towards true liberation, self-determination, and the redistribution of wealth and power? can it?

the night i got home from the retreat i felt so much passion. i was deeply humbled by the experience- by the complex stories of everyone there, the million little ways in which people are doing what they can, in their particular lives, to affect change and work for justice. what you make of life is so much more complicated than simply you– it’s about the messages you’ve been handed down, the legacy you’re expected to carry on, the demands of “success” by those around you, the life you’ve come to know and also are trying to question. (more…)