MMMC 2015: It will all be okay!


Hi, my name is Mahi.


I am part of the host-committee for MMMC 2015.
I will tell you about my involvement with RG and MMMC 2014 last year.

When I moved to Colorado, it was because of money.

I couldn’t find a job as an engineer in Minneapolis, Minnesota and didn’t have an income.
So, I married a white, heterosexual, cis-gendered man and left.

My parents have wealth.
I stand to inherit wealth, and don’t have direct access to wealth.
(I learned to say these lines confidently after attending MMMC 2014.)

So, when I moved to Colorado, I was lonely.
I learned about RG through a South Asian listserv, and I joined.
I developed an RG crush on our chapter leader Mac Liman.
Our relationship was activist polite.

Then suddenly she began calling. A lot.


Finding Resource Generation from Canada

Each generation must, out of its relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it.

-Frantz Fanon

David Gray-Donald photo colourI’m part of a generation (I’m 27) in North America that grew up being told that everyone should be born equal and have equal opportunity. I think my parents’ generation believed that so much they started to think of it as a reality, something already achieved, and not as a should-be, as something to aspire to. They were trying to believe in the dream of the civil rights movement. Believe it into reality, even if the work was so far from done. And so from a young age growing up in Toronto in a wealthy family I didn’t understand why people would choose to be poor. Why not just be rich? Everyone was given the same opportunities, after all.

Early in life I had somehow internalized the lesson of the inherent fairness of things. Being in middle and high school and trying to understand money and wealth at a society-wide level was confusing. At least it was for me. I wasn’t taught about the racial and gender divisions of wealth that have existed for hundreds of years here. Or about how that history led to today’s reality. I was simply taught that we live in a fair society of many opportunities. That’s the proud Canadian narrative. Not too different from the American dream.


First-Timer Reflection on MMMC

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending two days on Bainbridge Island at the beautiful IslandWood retreat center with Resource Generation (RG), a social sector organization that organizes young people with wealth to leverage resources and privilege for social … Continue reading »

Hope, Collaboration & Celebration: What Making Money Make Change Means to Me

Last year was my first time attending RG’s annual retreat, Making Money Make Change. I went into the conference feeling both nervous and excited and ultimately did not know what to expect. Upon arriving though, I felt my entire … Continue reading »

If You’ve Ever Been to Making Money Make Change, Read THIS!

Hey there fellow MMMCers!

I am real excited to reach out to ya’ll as the new Retreat Director for Making Money Make Change 2011!

Last year marked the first time that MMMC was fully lead by Resource Generation, cementing it as the signature gathering for RG’s national programming. This year as the Retreat Director, I am committed to continuing the tradition of a dynamic, thought-provoking, revelatory retreat for young people with wealth who believe in social change. I would love for you to join me in making it happen!

We are exited to invite you to apply for the Making Money Make Change 2011 Organizing Team! Step up and join me, RG’s Jessie Spector, and other outstanding members of the RG community in making MMMC 2011 spectacular.

Please, take a moment to remember your experience at MMMC… a connection that you made with another participant or presenter, a flash of insight when a piece of your money puzzle fit into place, a skill that you learned and have carried with you, a contradiction that you recognized as part of your story. Remind yourself of what you felt in your heart, in your head, in your stomach. What are the things that you most loved, and what are the things that you would change? Join us on the team that will be making MMMC an even more powerful event in 2011!

The Organizing Team is open to all previous MMMC participants who are young people with wealth. We are looking for people who have or would like to learn a variety of skills including outreach, communications, fundraising, retreat program planning, facilitation, young donor organizing, and inclusivity working with diverse groups. Please consider applying! Details are below. (more…)

First Time at CCTFP

Reflections from Lillian Birchall, RG Member

Attending the Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy Retreat changed my life. I was nervous before attending the retreat, but from the moment I walked in, I felt as though I could finally share a … Continue reading »

Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy: Personal Reflections

In the days following RG’s creating change through family philanthropy retreat last month, I took some time to reflect and record  my thoughts. here is a taste!

– Jessie Spector, RG Staff and Member
From my blog

family philanthropy retreat: some reflections

recently resource generation hosted the 4th Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy retreat, a 40 person conference for young people who are involved in their families’ philanthropy or who want to be. i was truly moved by the weekend. it was pretty darn incredible. and i was equally as challenged by the question: how does philanthropy exist in a framework that is working towards true liberation, self-determination, and the redistribution of wealth and power? can it?

the night i got home from the retreat i felt so much passion. i was deeply humbled by the experience- by the complex stories of everyone there, the million little ways in which people are doing what they can, in their particular lives, to affect change and work for justice. what you make of life is so much more complicated than simply you– it’s about the messages you’ve been handed down, the legacy you’re expected to carry on, the demands of “success” by those around you, the life you’ve come to know and also are trying to question. (more…)