Moving Money in a Crisis

After the tragedy in Orlando, the New York City RG chapter hosted a conversation about moving money in response to crises. Here are some choice quotes from our discussion:

How to understand Orlando:

“We can’t forget that [Orlando] is one … Continue reading »

3 Lessons I learned about fossil fuel divestment and re-investment

by Ari Sahagun

I don’t know about you, but for me, dedicating my life to environmental justice while holding investments in fossil fuels just doesn’t add up.  As an RG member, actively looking to leverage my class privilege for justice and other values I believe in, I was encouraged to learn about the Divest/Invest Philanthropy group and attended a webinar to learn more.

Divest/Invest Philanthropy works with foundations and individuals to take investments out of fossil fuel companies and invest in a carbon neutral future.

I want to share this as a strategy that cultivates our hope for a future without fossil fuels, restores power to people most affected by climate change, and begins healing ourselves from the hurts we’ve inflicted on the natural world.

What follows are 3 key lessons I learned and some suggested next steps.


Historic Tax Justice Debate LIVE!!!!

Oh how I wish that were true! But as so often is the case, the road to historically good options is paved with savvy choices about the exceedingly moderate, ultimately unacceptable options before us today.

This is the situation with the debate over the Bush Tax Cuts happening right now. President Obama is putting forward a plan (an exceedingly moderate, ultimately unacceptable as a vision of wealth distribution) to extend the Bush Tax Cuts to everyone making less than $250,000/year, and to let them expire for everyone making $250,001 and up.

Basically, taxes stay the same for the top 98%, and for the top 2% they go back up to what they were under Clinton (which is still lower than they were under Bush I, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower…).  This is about the least we should expect, not any sort of dream we should be fighting for. (more…)