RG Delegations

Resource Generation organizes member delegations to attend conferences and other events.  Delegations are a chance for members to meet each other, spread the word about RG, and be a visible presence of young people with wealth.

We send regular delegations to the Council on Foundations Family Philanthropy Conference and the US Social Forum.

RG at the Council on Foundations

Every year, Resource Generation has a strong presence at the Council on Foundations Family Philanthropy Conference. RG staff and members involved in our Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy program bring RG’s work to the conference in a variety of ways, including:

– organizing a pre-conference Next Gen Retreat, along with Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) and 21/64
– facilitating daily Next Gen gatherings and “salons”
– holding positions of leadership within the conference, such as being on the planning committee or presenting workshops on the next generation of social change philanthropy

Want to join this year’s delegation or learn more about it? Email mike@resourcegeneration.org

RG at the United States Social Forum

The US Social Forum (USSF) is a national gathering connected to the World Social Forum. It is not a conference per se, but a movement-building process for grassroots organizers to join together to come up with bottom-up solutions to economic and ecological crisis in a coordinated effort.

There have been two USSF gatherings. The USSF has been an important space for Resource Generation’s organizing for many reasons, including the opportunity to:

  • be public as young people with wealth involved in social change and bringing our full selves to the work we’re doing as activists and as donors
  • build our community of young people with wealth by hosting open information sessions, workshops on class privilege & wealth, and having a table where folks can stop by and get more information about RG’s organizing
  • make RG known in the world of social change work, increasing our visibility as allies to marginalized communities and as an integral part of the social change movement

Want to learn more about RG’s presence at the US Social Forum? Email jessie@resourcegeneration.org