RG’s Solicitation Policy

Revised RG Solicitation Policy 

RG plays a unique role in engaging young people with wealth committed to the equitable distribution of land, wealth, and power. Policies on confidentiality and solicitation have proven critical in supporting young people with wealth and class privilege as they explore their relationship to money, class and privilege.

RG engages in partnerships with some social justice foundations and member-led giving projects. These are focused on giving to social justice organizing in alignment with RG’s vision and values, and include elements of leadership development, political education, and/or fundraising training.

You can expect to receive information about these giving projects and opt-in opportunities to get involved over RG listserves, with clarity that this is an official RG partnership. 

As has always been true, at any time you are welcome to send out information about an event you are attending or volunteer opportunities with organizations. You cannot send out fundraising asks or invitations to fundraisers.

We operate this way because:

  • RG is about community, organizing, education, and personal and collective transformation, not fundraising for any one individual or organization. 
  • In RG, we aim to build skills and encourage an environment for our members in which people employ social justice principles and well-informed strategic understanding of the landscape of social justice organizing to make decisions about giving and investing. 
  • We want the goal for young people with wealth getting involved in RG to be primarily about relationships, gaining tools, and participation in campaigns and other actions for justice over the course of their lives – not the money they or anyone at RG can raise for just one cause.

For in-person events like the Making Money Make Change retreat, there is a more nuanced policy that includes “opt in” spaces to share about funding. If you have any questions about this policy, or to confirm if something you want to send is appropriate, please contact our Executive Director. Contact info for our staff is available here.

RG Confidentiality Policy

RG strives to create a community of people that are open about their wealth with people in their lives, use their position of privilege to speak out for societal change, and bring their whole selves to all the work they are involved in. We have also found that providing the option of confidentiality of participation results in members truly bringing their full selves with integrity.  

Confidentiality at RG means:

  • Attendance at an RG event is confidential unless you consent to being public.
  • Resource Generation does not share its mailing list. 
  • RG will not use your photo or any association of you with RG without your consent.